♦ Siwei lighting is a high-tech professional manufacturer who is specializing in designing, researcing, developing, engineering , marketing and delivery all kinds of finished illumination and decorative lighting products .Siwei including Hunan Siwei Tiancheng Trading Company, Changsha Siwei electricity company and Zhongshan Xinchi Lighting Electrical CO.,LTD and GUANGZHOU SIWEI LIGHTING COMPANY LIMITED.

Our factory is located in Zhongshan Guangdong city and established in 1999. We produce a wide range of products, such as: CFL Lamp. LED lighting , electrical power socket,electrical material and so on.

♦ After more than 10 years stable development,Siwei lighting have the high quality production line for CFL Lamp,Ceiling light, brackets and electrical appliances.As well as  R & D centers based on advanced technology,and the establish the laboratory of EMC, and  industry luminosity distribution.we have professional technical team who from the industry's top experts.     Siwei Lighting has a strong marketing team for domestic and internationalmarketing.At present we have  33 office, and over 3000 dealer /agents s in China.Now we are focused on expanding overseas business in the Middle East, South Asia, South Africa and othemarkets, and establish a good brand.Our own brands"Yunhe ,Xin Zhi Guang , FaneDi" have a very good feedback in China.

♦ The mainly product of Siwei including home decorative lights, CFL lamps, Bulbs, Candle light,traditional ceiling light, bracket,led ceiling light,led bulb,led tube,led down light ,led kitchen lights,mirror lamps,switches and sockets.We offer a full range of ancillary products,industrial electrical installations interior lighting solutions,and technical support. Our products have meet CE,ROHS ,PSE international standards.

♦ Let us making great contribution to the energy-saving project and creating a low-carbon green Earth.