Custom vintage edison decorative filament light bulbs
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Custom vintage edison decorative filament light bulbs 

What is LED filament lamp?

LED lamp filament is produced from the appearance with LED incandescent. Conventional LED light source to achieve a certain degree of illumination and light area, the optics required to install the lens and the like, on the one hand affect the lighting effects, on the other hand will reduce the LED should energy efficiency, and can achieve 360 degree LED filament whole point of light large point of light and without additional lens, you can achieve three-dimensional light source, unprecedented lighting experience.

Why LED filament lamp will be customer favorite?

Currently, Europe, the Americas, South Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East customer like filament lamp recently , it exudes a deep sense of romance and retro atmosphere because the warm lighting. Especially suitable for the bedroom decoration, giving the owner a warm romantic love and enjoy. It is also very suitable for clear, restaurants, entertainment and other places of decoration, for the guests to enjoy a relaxed laid-back.

LED filament bulb filament by the LED drive power, lamppost glass holder, glass bubbles, several parts standard lamp fittings, LED filament that is, a new LED package is among the most popular LED products.