LED Lighting Design
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LED Lighting Design

The lobby spatial functional areas are mainly three parts of the illumination area, which is the door and lighting lobby area, respectively, of the total service desk lighting illumination and guest seating area. From the lobby as a continuous whole space, and from the angle of illumination analysis, in fact, the door should be part of the lobby and the general global illumination lighting or in the lobby, the front desk service and guest lounge lighting is  local lighting. The color temperature of the lighting should remain consistent illumination of the three regions by luminance contrast, to make this kind of non-spatial scale hotel lobby, full of fun, and there is a continuous transition is formed undulating light and shade to create a welcoming atmosphere overall.

At the networking events, product managers from various customer solutions presented their stunning led products and inspired the lighting designers,

who participated in the lighting design in the upcoming 18th
 Asian Games 2018, on how the solutions can illuminate the sport grounds and stadiums glamorously in CHINA, the host city of the remarkable sport event.Also in the lighting application market, the U.S. latest DLC regulations have raised the bar for energy efficiency standards. Lextar’s exported led tube lights to the U.S. market include 150 lm/W LED tube lights, and the company has become the world’s largest panel light supplier. led lighting efficiency, display optics, and ultra-thin design and mechanical capacity have all made it one of the top supplier in high end LED panels.

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